Did Rep @AOC even visit the sleeping accommodations? We suspect not. We don’t ask people to drink from toilets – VIDEO

Sign above sink reads, “AGUA POTABLE”, literally translated as “WATER POTABLE.”

On June 2 around 8pm we tweeted

Just realized that the Spanish word “baño” is the same word use for

– baths
– bathroom
– & toilet

Below an in-depth explanation is given.

Border Patrol agent pouring himself water from the sink.

An important point to remember is that in third world countries, like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the water for the toilets come from a different source than the drinking water. Why? Because they use NON-POTABLE (non-drinkable) water to service their toilets. This differs from the USA where every toilet regardless of location uses POTABLE (drinkable).

The important point here is that people from the Northern Triangle area do NOT KNOW any other way. As a matter of fact, as they travel through Mexico they would see their DRINKING WATER the same way — not attached or near a toilet. Not because the source in Mexican toilets is NON-POTABLE (non-drinkable) water, but because that was their design choice.

To be ultra clear on this, a border agent might say, “la agua esta en el baño meaning “The water is in the bathroom.” The migrant would read AGUA POTABLE, but most of those arriving migrants can BARELY read Spanish. You would have to explain to them – in detail – that the water is drinkable. Otherwise they would not understand that the water is POTABLE, hence drinkable.

In the above CBP tweeted video – at 1:49, you’ll hear the agent say “This is a combination sink, toilet, and the sink provides fresh water.
After that he pours some water, drinks the water, and says – “We don’t force aliens to drink from the toilet.”