Mexican Immigration: #Fake INM Van Used to Transport Migrants; Driver Arrested, Migrants Apprehended

Picture of the faked INM (Mexican Immigration) van

Mesoamerican Migrant Movement (@MMMesoamericano), a human rights groups, reports that Human Traffickers “cloned (a van) with logos from the “INM” (Mexican National Immigration Institute).” The INM is the equivalent to the US Border Patrol.

On May 14, 2019, the Federal Police  apprehended the van and the migrants. On that day they were transferred to their facilities in the City of Xalapa.

The migrants from Guatemala – 12 minors, 4 women and 11 adult men – who were crammed inside the van were provided with food and medical assistance. The alleged “polleros” (Human Traffickers) were formally reported to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

Translated from the article.

Driver taken into custody.

The detention of migrants of Guatemalan nationality took place on Sunday morning at km 028 + 600, in the Xalapa bypass, where the Chevrolet Van-Type vehicle (with the license plates ofV84-AZV.) (The driver Manuel de Jesús and his companion José Luis were arrested.)

On Sunday May 19, 2019 the migrants were transferred from the offices of the Veracruz Coordination of the Federal Police in Xalapa to the Immigration Station of the INM in Veracruz. They will be taken through a process that will assisted them in returning to their country of origin.



The red pin on the map is the City of Xalapa. SOURCE: Google Maps

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